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Now that our news is OUT…I can finally start using this blog to share all about my PREGNANCY. But don’t worry – that’s NOT ALL I am going to be talking about. There is still a lot going on in our family, other than just my pregnancy.

For instance:

Kim starting teaching at a brand new school (his first new spot in 16 years), where he is teaching new age groups & new classes/material. It’s a challenge – but he’s loving this new direction!

Billie started 6th grade! It’s her first time having a male teacher and it’s also her LAST year in what is “elementary school” in Belgium. Next year, she moves on to “high school.” She’s also starting a new adventure at “athletic club”- where she will be training & doing track type competition.

And I…well…Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands! Which means, “I speak a little bit of Dutch!” That is because Kim & Billie are such fantastic teachers ANDDD I started my official Dutch classes two weeks ago. I am finding them VERY difficult, but in a good way. I am the only American & also the only native English speaker in my class. Most of my classmates have an Arabic background (Morocco, Iraq, Turkey & etc). The class is taught 95% in Dutch, so I have to REALLY pay attention & listen up!

So, while we are all going through a lot of change & new beginnings, I am quickly transitioning into my SECOND trimester already! Tomorrow, I will officially be 13 weeks preggers! WOW!

I am finding that most people, when they discover you are pregnant, one of their first questions is: HOW ARE YOU FEELING!? 

As I am sure many of you know, or fellow mamas like me have EXPERIENCED, becoming pregnant & growing a human, is hard work, and your body goes through a whole lot of changes.

These are the biggest symptoms I have had so far: super SORE NIPPLES, out-of-nowhere FATIGUE, constant PEEING, crazy HUNGER & most recently, bloating & yep – constipation. 

Thankfully, one item NOT on that list is…MORNING SICKNESS! I’ve had absolutely none. I was so shocked by this – and as I began to read up on it – I discovered only 25% of women experience NO morning sickness. Believe me, I am HAPPY to be in THAT 25%!

Overall, my first trimester was very sweet, simple & BUSY. We traveled to the States, the Netherlands and France. We visited lots of family, theme parks, beaches & restaurants.

I DID break the FIRST TRIMESTER TRADITION of WAITING until I was “safely” into my second trimester to announce my pregnancy. While I respect all those that chose to do so, THIS is why I did not. (Disclaimer: THIS IS SIMPLY MY OPINION, and I am not saying everyone else should do this too.)

I may not have gotten pregnant on purpose (meaning we weren’t “trying” for our baby), but I believe we are pregnant with a PURPOSE. Meaning, I believe, life begins at the moment of conception. Whether I was 1 day pregnant, or our baby was 1 day old, I believe he/or she has a purpose in this life.

I know & understand the risk of potentially losing our baby in those early first trimester weeks, however, I also felt I would be risking something even greater: SILENCE. I believe God has given me a platform & opportunity, since my early 20s, to share publicly a lot of my own personal battles, struggles, victories & triumphs in life. Everything from my 100 pound weight loss, journey through my career as an actress & a host in Los Angeles to falling in love with my husband, Kim.

I believe THIS is just my next adventure to share with my platform. My husband & I won’t be sharing EVERYTHING about our pregnancy (as we often discuss & pray about what to share & what to keep private), but I especially felt it was important to give MOMs a VOICE – especially in their first trimester. 

I was reading & discussing with so many Moms, privately, all the excitement, fear & pressure when you first discover your pregnant & want to carefully nurture your baby. So many women shared they were afraid to ask questions to others, in fear of “revealing” their pregnancy too soon.

I know not all Moms will choose to do so, but I am thankful for the opportunity I had in my first trimester to reveal we were expecting, and to start conversations & dialogues about all the changes women & their families go through in those first 12 weeks.

Now, as we jump (not too hard – remember, PEEING all the time here), into our next trimester, we’re excited for the journey ahead and want YOU to join in.

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Next week, I have plans to blog about healthy nutrition for pregnancy, fitness while pregnant & funny ways to guess your baby’s gender. Until then, loads of hugs for y’all and…dikke kussen (big fat kisses!)

-Mrs. Cheyanne Cleyman 

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