DIY “Black Out Curtains” Hack

Mom, what’s that sparkly thing in the corner?

Mom, Mom, what’s the thing that blinking next to your bed?

MOMMY! What’s that cool looking thing on the ceiling that goes around & around?

I’m pretty this is just a fraction of the thoughts going on inside our sweet almost-5 month old’s active brain. He’s so curious about EVERYTHING NOW!

What just a few weeks ago was a blur in the background, is now a very exciting & new discovery he just HAS to SEE. Not to mention, our little man is also flipping around so much – that the moment he’s lied down on his back, he’s gotta flip to belly to play.

All that to say, we’ve had to get quite creative in our little, cozy European apartment. Mason’s little nursery is actually a closet, with no door, attached to our bedroom. Since we co-sleep, we’ve just begun having him try to sleep in his crib for naps, and continue to sleep WITH us or in the bassinet at nights, however, he’s struggled settling down because of the constant light pouring into our room.

THIS is where my inventive husband steps in! Instead of spending lots of extra money on “black out” curtains…we decided to go the more inexpensive and DIY route, and use something you probably already have around your house….BLACK TRASH BAGS.

Yep, SERIOUSLY. Before you maybe roll your eyes, check THIS OUT.

IT seriously works amazing! Don’t trust us? Try it out for yourself…all you need is….

-A roll of black trash bags


-Scotch tape (or something thicker if you so choose)

-Tall husband (not required but def. helpful!)

…and that’s it! You just cover the windows you have from head to toe (or leave some space open for some light to get in), lay down the tape on all edges, corners, and connection spots and voila!

You have yourself a SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE & EFFECT way for you to block out light and a sure way to help you ALL get more sleep.

Let us know below if you try this yourself! We’d LOVE to see some photos of what you do!


The Cleymans

*Written by Cheyanne Cleyman

Published by Kim & Cheyanne Cleyman

Married Belgian-American couple living in Europe helping families connect through fitness across cultures and continents; with a passion for well-being - mind, body, heart and soul.

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