Can “Long Distance Dating” actually work?

Have you ever found yourself living on the other side of the planet as the love of your life? 

At one point, we did too. (And actually – several times since getting married, when visiting family across the world, we found ourselves crossing many time zones & miles apart from each other) 

So, as huge proponents of Long-Distance Dating/Relationships ourselves, we wanted to share with you some of our thoughts:  

First, let’s focus on the BENEFITS of Long-Distance Dating: 

-Less fluff, more focus on conversation, really getting to know the person 

-Less superficial (not testing them with friends, family, dressing up to impress) 

-Grow genuine trust, connection, dependability 

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking – guys, that’s great, and I totally agree but – How does one now DO that?  

Glad you asked: It’s one thing to date long-distance & communicate through our devices, but how can we make it extra special and guarantee the connection remains strong or continues to build? 

There’s a few things we’d suggest:

Text – and not just a HELLO & Good Night or “Wyd” – but REALLY open up! Share what you’re feeling for your person or what’s going on in your day. Send them an inspiring quote or a funny joke – keep it an alive conversation!

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Voice Memos – these are even more special than Texts, because then you get to hear your lovers voice. Sometimes text IS more convient and easier to read on the go, but by leaving voice messages, it offers a more natural opportunity for a convo to flow and for you to go deepr with your partner. Maybe even sing to them or read a book outloud together! We did that together and it gave us something to look forward to every single voice memo.

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FaceTime – Ah, yes! Thank God for modern technology! Now, you can SEE & HEAR each other. But, don’t just feel you have to sit and talk to each other in a static location. Move! Take each other on date’s through the phone. Workout together. Cook at the same time. Involve friends & family ever once in a while, so they can get to know your love too!

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Share links to – YouTube videos, Instagram reels, music that shows your interests, passions & values – there’s so many way you can make long-distance dating interactive and “shorten” the gap the distance forces upon you.

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So, forget what you think of how “it should be” & surrender to the opportunity you get to still stay connected and build a flourishing relationship from your fingertips.

 Focus, instead, on what DO have & be grateful for this technology  

Have you long distance dated before or are you currently? 

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How did you keep the connection alive when dating long distance?  

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-Kim & Cheyanne

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