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Hi, we’re The Cleymans, a Belgian – American married couple, passionate about helping families blend family and culture.

Over the years we’ve been sharing our journey and what we learned along the way.

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You are in mixed-cultural marriage. You might just not realize it.

Wait, so what IS is culture anyway?  In some relationships it’s overly clear that there are multiple cultures at play. For instance, it’s obvious that this is so in mixed-racial love relationships, but when people look at us, the Cleymans, they wouldn’t assume that there are cultural differences at play. However, whenever two different continentsContinue reading “You are in mixed-cultural marriage. You might just not realize it.”

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Blended Family Culture

Planning for An Ours Baby

Can you remember back to the time when you and your husband were just dating? As Kim and I were dating long-distance from the US to Europe late 2018, I remember having endless conversations over FaceTime. Thank GOD for modern day technology, which made sure we were talking face-2-face, even though we were thousands of miles away.  It must’ve been on oneContinue reading “Planning for An Ours Baby”

How To Make Your New Years’ Resolutions Stick

If you’re anything like us, now that the Christmas season is over, you’ve already entered into the stage of self reflection. When we all come to this time of year, there are often two feelings we have: either this past year was one to never forget, or maybe one where you want to try and forget sooner rather than later.  Even though the world seems to be spinningContinue reading “How To Make Your New Years’ Resolutions Stick”


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Hi, we’re Kim & Cheyanne, aka The Cleymans. Previously a once single-dad & teacher, and an actress/ host in Hollywood single woman, we met at a wedding in a castle, fell in love while long-distancing dating, and married in 2019. Cheyanne immigrated to Belgium & we are now full-time blended family culture coaches. When we’re not spending time helping families like yours thrive, we love spending time with our kids, exploring Europe writing about our fascination with raising healthy kids, exploring Europe, fitness in your 30s & 40s, and living a balanced life as a multicultural, growing family! Read more

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blended family culture blog

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How To Thrive In Raising Your Kids In A Culture That Is Not Your Own

Raising your kids in a country that’s not your own? I SOOOO get that ’cause…me too! My husband is Belgian, and we live here in Belgium , but I’m American. Even though our son is being raised in a European culture, I don’t want him to miss out on his American heritage. We’re lucky, especiallyContinue reading “How To Thrive In Raising Your Kids In A Culture That Is Not Your Own”

6 Strange & Somewhat Creepy Christmas Traditions Around The World

Hey Friends! This year, we had the amazing opportunity to coach students that have heritages from over 6 different cultures. We wanted to honor them, and share with all of you, the different Christmas traditions that are done in our client’s countries and cultures around the world. Now, pull up a chair, grab some eggContinue reading “6 Strange & Somewhat Creepy Christmas Traditions Around The World”

This One Communication Shift Changed Our Marriage

“You’re just not LISTENING to me.” OUCH. If you’re married, chances are, you’ve heard this statement before. But, when you read it just now, how did you hear that in your head?Was this statement said with…Anger? Frustration? Contempt? Hopelessness? Kindness? Perhaps you heard it the way it’s been said to you before. Or maybe, you even heard it in theContinue reading “This One Communication Shift Changed Our Marriage”