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Hi, We’re The Cleymans, a Belgian -American married couple, passionate about stepfamilies, multicultural familes, fitness & how to get your family to the healthiest you’ve ever been! Thanks for visiting!

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Hi, we’re Kim & Cheyanne, aka The Cleymans. Previously a once single-dad & teacher, and an actress/ host in Hollywood single woman, we met at a wedding in a castle, fell in love while long-distancing dating, and married in 2019. Cheyanne immigrated to Belgium & we are now full-time multicultural step family coaches. When we’re not spending time helping families like yours thrive, we love spending time with our kids, exploring Europe writing about our fascination with raising healthy kids, exploring Europe, fitness in your 30s & 40s, and living a balanced life as a multicultural, growing family! Read more

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Cleyman Family Update!

Ah, yes, because really – IT WAS ABOUT TIME! I had to scroll back through our posts to check when our last FAMILY update was – and my jaw dropped when I saw that it was 8 months ago! December 2021! How does that happen? All moms reading this know it’s one simple answer: LIFE!Continue reading “Cleyman Family Update!”

Everyone marries the WRONG person.

Ever heard someone say this to you: “Ugh, I married the WRONG person.” Or, just maybe, you’ve also heard yourself say these words or THINK them inside your head. We’d like to radically combat that thought with the fact/thought that actually, you’re correct. EVERYONE DOES marry the wrong person. So, if everyone marries the wrongContinue reading “Everyone marries the WRONG person.”

How To travel across the world with a 15 month old and actually love doing it!

Yep, we’re about to take the journey that many mom’s and dad’s have before and that is.- traveling over 7,000 miles with a toddler!!! Ahhhh, run for your life, right? Wouldn’t it just be easier to travel that distance once he’s older? Maybe. But easier isn’t always better and traveling with a toddler doesn’t HAVEContinue reading “How To travel across the world with a 15 month old and actually love doing it!”